Updates v1.0

Wiindforce @ RoyaleRealms
posted Mar 12, 19

Big changes!

RoyaleRealms has had quite a few changes within the first two weeks, one of the biggest things is that the website has had an overhaul. There are still multiple things to come to it and some things that need to be fixed. The following list is of all the changes that have happened;

> Double Money and EXP for jobs every weekend

> Mythical and Royal Crate Keys added to store

> Rank icons in store updated

> New jobs added; Armoursmith, Wizard, Bounty Hunter, Archaeologist, Butcher, Technician, Cook, Librarian.

> God and Fly is now disabled in both the End and Nether

> Playervaults added back

> Death Chest added (When you die your items are locked in a chest for 2 minutes)

Many more changes will be coming like the addition of Mob Arena and Spleef and the big update to be coming soon is a SkyBlock server!