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  • No griefing at all
  • Respect all players and staff
  • No spamming the chat
  • No mentioning other server's names or IPs
  • No stealing items from other players
  • No X-Ray hackers or X-ray texture packs
  • No swearing or racism
  • Creation/advertisement of death-traps is not allowed
  • No home or TP killing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • No exploitation of the market or economy
  • No use of hacked clients
  • If it lags it goes! E.g. Crowded mob farms, massive redstone creations
  • No building inappropriate buildings
  • No begging for money or items
  • Use of English only in main chat - no other languages
  • No creation of gold farms or generators
  • No asking for free ranks or Staff. 


Breaking these rules will result in punishment via staff.